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Meet our Partners:

Fiona McAllister

I enjoy collaborating with business owners and their team to build their systems and grow their business. I love seeing the impact that more freedom has in enjoying their work and life.

I like being part of the solution to issues that have been holding back their business growth and pointing out different options for keeping more of the owners hard-earned money in their hands.


Kenny McAllister

I’m interested in hearing the whole story so far for any business owner. For me the best part of the job is discovering the people behind the business and emotions about how life is feeling for them just now. Helping them plan their future and reach their goals and linking them with other businesses and experts who can make that happen faster is very rewarding.


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McAllisters Chartered Accountants
Paxton House, No 11 Woodside Crescent
G3 7UL

0141 332 0392
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