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Consider us as your extended finance team and invest in our growth services.

Our focus will be on giving you more of what you want from your business, more money, more choice, more time for what matters and more enjoyment in your life. You choose how fast you want to see the changes and decide how in-depth and how frequently you want to invest. We can take the service up to a finance director level support from our partners.

You can start small with a pre-year-end business review or regular management accounts where your client manager will work with you to improve your results over time. This will have a big impact on moving you towards your goals.

For more in-depth, and faster results, there are regular detailed business reviews with our client managers or partners. During these reviews we will discuss your goals, actions to take, experts to talk to and invest time looking at the six key business systems and getting those working to grow your business to support your life. Goals and challenges will be tackled, opportunities will be developed and investigated. We will track the improvements over time as you head towards the future you want.

Our partner, Kenny McAllister, is also a qualified transformational coach and can take you through one- to- one coaching sessions. These sessions enable specific areas where you feel stuck, or where there are challenges, to be addressed head on and specific solutions that work for you will be unearthed together.

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