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Monthly Flexible Payment Plan

The services are split into a monthly payment plan so you spread the costs throughout your business year. Everything is paid for by the time you get to your year end. That avoids one-off big bills once a year and you have certainty about what you are paying.

You’ll receive a proposal that gives the monthly cost for each service line. For every service, whether its payroll up to a detailed partner business review, there is a description of the scope of that service so you know exactly what you are getting. That saves any confusion about what’s included and what’s not.

During the year you might want to add more ongoing services and we can simply update the proposal. If there are services that you no longer need then that can be adjusted too.

The proposal is discussed in advance of us starting any work and you can choose if there are things you want taken out or added. This is your choice of service level and bespoke to your business. We will only put forward services which will be of real benefit to you getting more of what you want and of course ultimately you choose what you sign up for.

Once it is signed, we get on with the work and taking care of your business. You’ll have your dedicated client manager, who is a qualified accountant. We use go cardless to collect the monthly payments automatically.

Pricing methodology:

It’s not a standard price, it is tailored to benefit each business

Every business is unique, different size, different number of transactions, different levels of complexity. Your service contract will match what you need so you are only investing in what will really make a difference to you.

How we arrive at the right price for each client

Annual accounts and Business Tax and Vat for that year – We factor in the level of annual sales and number of transactions and the quality of the records. The bigger and more things there are, the more there is to check, and the more there is that can go wrong. The price rises also if there are elements of complexity like share options or R&D costs for example. All those things are considered when arriving at the price.

Payroll and Bookkeeping – the price is based on the number of transactions and the number of employees and how complete the information is (which depends on how organised you are prepared to be!). These go up in bandings.

Cash Flow Forecasting and Growth services – Billed as a fixed fee depending on the time and the expertise level of the staff involved. The bigger and more complex a job, the more time it will take, and that is reflected in the price.

Specialist Services – By their nature they tend to be things that happen occasionally, and these tend to be billed as a one-off service and the fees will be agreed with you in advance.

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